Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stats: disabilities/disabled people in Thailand


Total Population mid-2007
62 829 000 (United Nations 2006)
Population of persons with disabilities
1.9 million (2007) (Thailand 2008b)

Proportion of persons with disabilities to total population
2.9 per cent (2007) (Thailand 2008b)

Definition of disability
Disability is an umbrella term for impairments, activity limitations and participation
restrictions (ESCAP 2006, Q 19). In a survey conducted in Thailand in 2007, persons with
disability were identified by activity limitations and impairments (Thailand 2008b)

Definition of persons with disabilities
Persons who encounter certain limitations in performing their daily activities or social participation due to their impairment in vision, hearing, mobility, communication, mind, emotion, conduct, intellect, learning or any other impairment/disabilities along with various difficulties, and specifically need some assistance to enable them [to] perform their daily activities or social participation same as ordinary persons.
The types and prescriptions of disabilities shall be as determined and announced by the Minister of Social Development and Human Security.” (Thailand 2007b, chap. I, sect. 4)

Employment rate of persons with disabilities
71.5 per cent of persons with disabilities over 15 are unemployed
28.5 per cent employed (Thailand 2007c)

Access to education
67.82 per cent of school-age persons with disabilities are provided education (Thailand 2007c)

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