Saturday, January 15, 2011

Braille for the Blind, Books on the Road.


This organisation took the effort to follow us on twitter. The Bio next to their twitter name gave me information about their good cause. So I looked up their website and came accross a great initiative.

The people involved like to travel, like to read and some of them are blind themselves. They are trying to put together a library on the road with all kind of books for the blind in Thailand.

Here is an overview from what they are looking for:
  • Normal print books (books for children and adults in Thai or English)
  • Braille books (Thai or English)
  • Large print books (Thai or English)
  • Tactile Picture Books (any language)
  • Tactile maps
  • Tactile pictures and images of famous artworks, buildings, photos around the world
  • Three-dimensional miniatures (animals, fruits and vegetables, vehicles, tools, houses of different styles, etc.)
  • Educational games and toys that all the children can play together
So in case you have books left on your shelve and want to donate them to this good cause look up their website and get in touch.

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